• April 23th through the 4th of July

    A 10-week employee wellness experience

    Fit by the 4th is a comprehensive wellness
    solution that drives employee physical,
    financial, and mental well-being.

  • Focus on Physical Health

    Daily Exercise

    Health Education

    Preventitive Health

    Personal Health Assessment

  • Social Engagement

    Team Building and Challenges

    Group Walks and Activities

    "Buddy Up"

Benefits Optimization LLC is pleased to present “Fit by the 4th”, a fun, friendly competition between local businesses to see which can achieve the highest average wellness score and win the 2018 Wellness Cup! This comprehensive 10-week event brings employees together in teams that earn wellness points in 5 key personal health areas. “Fit” looks at the total person, blending physical, financial, and mental wellbeing in to a single, integrated employee wellness solution.

Fit by the 4th is easy to implement. Employees simply self-register on this website to become a participant. They can then create or join a team with their workmates to compete with teams within their company, or against teams from all companies. Employees can also participate in this unique, self-paced wellness experience individually, using it to help them achieve their own, personal wellness goals.

Benefits Optimization provides all the tools, prizes, smart apps, education, personnel, and engagements needed to insure a successful campaign. We integrate with over 60 leading smart apps and wearable devices, provide on-site and on-line education, and proactively engage and support the entire event and population.

Fit by the 4th is a simple, easy to implement, and highly cost effective employee solution for any employer interested in an employee wellness initiative for 2018.

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